Management Consulting

Business Support:

AMC INC established the world business network in Japan, Europe, USA and Asian countries and we have created supply route. We guess support foreign buyers for business in Japan. We wish to receive any inquiries to support your business. If there is anything we can do for you, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Grobal Network

We offer our services as business consultants of trading, translation, interpreter, import/export agency and distribution. We have global network in the world to help import/export of various merchandises especially foods.
We can arrange any shipment such as Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL), and air cargo as well.


Domestic Support

The law of the amendment of "Food Sanitation Law" in Japan was issued in June 2018 based on the institutionalization of the food hygiene management with HACCP, and it will be mandatory for food-related business (includes small restaurants). We support to build the hygiene management incorporate with HACCP concept intended for food-related business.

What is HACCP? (Japanese)

Hawaiian Products:

In Hawaii, many of the race of peoples lives, and complex culture went nurtured. The food culture that was born from it, are affected by various countries. Hawaiian food culture was affected by immigrants fused with food culture of indigenous peoples. such as American, Japanese, Portuges, Puerto Rican, Chinese, Korean, Philippines and etc. Aloha taste is evolved into Hawaiian food, and continues to be loved by everyone.
AMC INC is supplying the Hawaiian foods into Japan, Korea, China & Asian countries.

Hawaiian salsa sauce KONTIKI Japanese site

Aloha Shoyu Japanese site

Hawaiian food

Franchise Opportunity:

TORI&DELI is a popular delicatessen for tasty Karaage and a variety of other chicken dished. They provide a fast food atmosphere where customers enjoy casual dining.
TORI&DELI is looking to expand overseas, and was opened in Netherlands on 04/2020. We are currently seeking new business partners to join in our growth & expansion of Japanese Karaage restaurant.

Franchise opportunity of "Japanese Karaage" (English/Japanese/Chinese)

TORI&DELI (English/Japanese/Chinese)



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